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Inspiration Found in Every Era

Our vision is to empower individuals to express themselves freely and confidently through the art of burlesque. We aspire to create a world where this art form is celebrated and the performers receive the recognition they deserve for their hard work and creativity. Our goal is to produce performances that captivate and enthral our audience while also educating them on the immense value and diversity of the burlesque community.



Burlesque has had a significant impact on pop culture, both in terms of its historical influence and its continued popularity in entertainment today. From the waning days of vaudeville to the current resurgence in feminist variety shows, burlesque has always been a source of groundbreaking creative expression and iconoclastic rebellion. With its indomitable spirit, unwavering zest for life and irreverent sense of humor, burlesque has helped to re-shape what it means to be a performer, constructing new boundaries that tweak and fuse our attitudes about sex, truth and art. In its mutation and versatility over the years, its message looms ever timeless: that we should free our minds from whatever regressive norms imposed against us and celebrate our individuality without care for judgment.

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