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Charm School...but make it sexy

Take our sweet little quiz to find out if you're ready to take the stage

Are you ready to take the stage?

1) How familiar are you with the art of burlesque?
2) What is your experience with the peforming arts?
3) How comfortable are you with your body and expressing your sensuality?
4) How commited are you to honing your skills?
5) Are you prepared for the financial and time commitments required of a professonal career in burlesque?
6) How comfortable are you with the potential challenges and criticisms associated with burlesque?
7) Do you have clear vision of your personal brand and performance style?
Check your results here:

Add 1 point for every time you selected A

Add 2 points for every time you selected B

Add 3 points for every time you selected C

Now add up your points

7-11 points = KITTEN: You are still in the early stages of exploring burlesque professionally. Consider further research, training, and gaining more experience before pursuing a professional career.

12-16 points = PERFORMANCE READY: You have some foundational knowledge and interest in burlesque, but there is room for growth and development. Continue working on your skills and building confidence while you establish your stage persona,

17-21 points = READY FOR PROFESSIONAL:  You have a good level of readiness and commitment to pursue a professional career in burlesque. Get to work on connecting with a mentor and start developing your acts. Consider seeking a troupe to perform with and/or traveling to perform your acts with other troupes.

Not your average Charm School

We don't give a fork which utensil you eat your salad with, or if you spill that tea while it's pipping hot! BUT- we DO care if you feel ready to CHARM the panties off that audience and get your acts booked!


CHARM SCHOOL is here to help you take on Burlesque performance 1 act at a time. The Creative Directors at Parlor City Burlesque are ready to help you discover your CHARM and thrive through performance.

Our main goal is to support and provide mentorship for independent burlesque artists and anyone interested in incorporating burlesque into their life. Charm School will provide both group & private opportunities to connect with an active burlesque community & Creative Director on a regular basis.

Burlesque is the new black

The wild part is that burlesque has been a huge influence on media and pop culture for decades! Fashion, entertainment, performance art, fine arts, and major aspects of gender-based advocacy movements have been born from humble burlesque beginnings.


Parlor City Burlesque is proud to champion a tradition of adult variety entertainment that provides a healthy space for independent creators to share their art and heal through performance.

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