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Burlesque is Boomin', baby!

Burlesque performances typically involve elements of comedy, music, and erotic dance. Some of the essential components of a burlesque performance might include: 

1. Costumes: These are generally flashy, colorful and designed to entice the audience.

2. Music: Burlesque performances typically involve live music or pre-recorded music that adds to the atmosphere of the performance.

3. Comedy: Laughter is often an essential part of burlesque performances. They are designed to entertain and amuse audiences with sharp wit and clever spoofs.

4. Striptease: Stripping is often included in burlesque shows, burlesque dancers typically leave a lot to the imagination as it is all about the tease.

5. Storytelling: A burlesque performance can tell a story or convey a message, highlighting social issues like body positivity, feminism and human rights advocacy.

Overall, a good burlesque performance includes a mix of innovative, inventive and unconventional dance movements, story-telling combined with sexual fantasies and comical twists that make it enchanting and entertaining.

A professional Burlesque performer should be adept at a wide range of skills, including dance, acting, character creation, choreography, staging, costuming, and music selection. They should also have a good understanding of the cultural and historical significance of burlesque, and be able to engage with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Additionally, it takes a great sense of creativity, humor, sensuality, and confidence in order to regularly captivate and entertain their audiences. Overall, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a professional burlesque performer, but it can be a rewarding and exhilarating career.

Word of the day: Burlesque

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